Welding Electrode

In 2010 Nizami Brothers took a step towards expansion and set up a manufacturing unit for welding electrodes named Al-Majeed Ibrahim. Welding Electrodes are used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two pieces together. A welding electrode could be used to weld almost all metallic materials, it is not sensitive to contaminations such as rust, scaling, oils or grease, and so it provides a very superior quality rod to weld materials with.


Low Hydrogen Electrode for Welding High Tensile Steel

AXIS is a low hydrogen type electrode containing iron powder for ordinary low alloy steel. As the covering contains iron powder, it welds with high efficiency, the melting rate is around 110%. It operates in all positions on DC and AC (AC open circuit voltage > 70V). The deposited metal has high plasticity, better toughness, and crack resistance.


NIXON WELD is a Copper-Coated AWS ER 70S-6

NIXON WELD 70S-6 is a copper-coated AWS ER70S-6 solid wire, suited for general purpose, manual and semiautomatic applications in most industries. It provides better wetting, flatter bead shapes, and lower spatter than other grades of wire. It is manufactured under NIXON’s Quality Control programs and meets AWS standards.


Electrode for Welding Mild Steel

A versatile rutile cellulose electrode for all position welding. It can be effectively used on bad surface conditions such as rust, paint, etc. Easy slag removal, easy striking, and re-striking. Its arc is smooth and stable. Spatter loss is negligible, easy reignition, and automatic deslagging.


Electrode for Welding Mild Steel

A versatile all position and rutile type, general-purpose steel electrode with smooth, stable arc characteristics. The product is made from the finest selected materials for reaching the best quality. The coating produces a forceful, spray-type arc, resulting in excellent welds. The slag is thin and easily removable.


Electrode for Welding Mild Steel

Shanghai Bridge welding electrode has excellent welding performance, easy re-ignition, stable arc, and seamless welding appearance.


Electrode for Welding Mild Steel

A general-purpose electrode for all position welding having smooth and stable arc characteristics. It has high weld efficiency easy slag removal.