Melting Furnace

Nizami Brothers specializes in offering a wide range of Alloy, Carbon, and Mild Steel billets using our premium quality raw materials at one of our manufacturing units named Nizami Steel Products Mill (NSP). Our range of billet is absolutely corrosion resistant and is of high tensile strength. Our billets are offered in different grades, sizes, and lengths according to what our clients want.

The usage of a melting furnace is to overheat solid materials and until they liquefy which in turn changes the internal characteristics or the surface of materials by elevating their temperatures carefully. All kinds of impurities are removed during the process of pouring the liquid steel into the ladle, making sure that the final product finishes in the purest form.

Product Specifications
  • Cold Heating Quality Steel – SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1015, and SAE 1018
  • Carbon Constructional Steel – AISI 1040, AISI 1050, AISI 1055, AISI 1064, and AISI 1065
  • Carbon Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete – ASTM A615 Grade 60, ASTM A615 Grade 40, and SR 24
  • Low Alloy Steel – EN-18, EN-19, and EN-24
  • Spring Steel – EN-45, EN-45A, and AISI 5160