Nizami Brothers are proud importers of copper and supply all copper-based products to government and private clients as per their requirement. The purity is 99.9%, cathode copper. Copper has the best electrical conductivity of all the elements. It is also a very good thermal conductor and is readily alloyed with other metals such as lead, tin, and zinc for foundry applications to produce, among other goods, products for the transmission of water such as valves. Due to its high thermal conductivity, it is commonly used in heat exchangers, heating vessels, and appliances. A high electrical conductivity makes it an electrical conductor in various shapes and forms for various applications. Good corrosion resistance makes copper a good choice for providing a coating on steel prior to nickel and chromium plating. High ductility means it is easily cold worked, folded, and spun, however, it requires annealing after cold working as it loses its ductility.