Welding Electrod Series

Welding Electrod Series

The group established welding electrode factory namely Al Majeed Ibrahim Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Using latest technology, the factory is run by expert management and the products are well establish in the market. As a company, we strongly believe that quality assurance department is the backbone of a progressive concern. Our finely built laboratory houses chemical, mechanical and welding labs equipped with Universal testing machines. International Standard procedures are followed to check and test the raw materials for their suitability before sending to production department. Special work- stations are installed to test the quality of manufactured items, and each lot is assigned a batch number, for easy identification and traceability.

Product Specifications

For Mild Steel
Description AWS A5. 1 E6013
The welding in all position can be easily done with the good usability, good slage removability, and excellent bead appearance. Because it can be used in wider current range, it can satisfy wider welding works. It is best suited for plates, vehicles, pipes, Ship Building, Oil Tanks & Construction work.

Cellulose electrode for welding pipelines

  • E-6010 is of cellulose type electrodes for welding low carbon steel. Its Arc is deep penetrating and forceful which is usable in all welding position and above all for such multi-layers as overhead and vertical positions. It develops a low volume of slag that is easily removable. The deposited metal with high porosity resistence usually have good mechanical properties and are radiographically acceptable.
    For welding where welds must have high quality, such as pipelines of carbon steel , ships , bridges and buildings.

Low hydrogen electrodes for welding high tensile steel

  • E-7018 is low hydrogen type electrodes containing iron powder for ordinary low alloy steel. As the covering contains iron powder, it welds with high efficiency, the melting rate is around 110%. It operates in all positions on DC and AC (AC open circuit voltage >70V.)The deposited metal has high plasticity,better toughness and crack resistence.
  • Applications: For welding key structures and 50 kg /mm2 class high tensile steel of ships and bridges.