Our Products

Melting Furnace

Nizami Steel Products Mills (Pvt) Ltd offer a wide range of Alloy, Carbon and Mild steel billets manufactured using premium quality raw materials. Our range of billets is absolutely corrosion resistant and contains high tensile strength. Moreover, our clients can avail these billets from us in different grades, sizes and length.... → read more

Wire Rod

We offer a complete product range to our customers at Naimat Ullah Steel Works (Pvt) Ltd (NSW) we offer Wire Rods from 5.5 mm to 22mm diameters from its first chain unit. This mill is equipped with advanced rolling equipment such as Reducing & Sizing Mill (RSM), High Speed Shear,... → read more

Bar & Deformed Bar

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Galvanized Mild Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wires for armouring cables are manufactured from plain carbon basic steel in accordance with BS 1442.
The wire is galvanized by hot dip process in accordance with BS 443.... → read more

Galvanized Wire Series

We offer Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire and Electro Plated Galvanized Wire.... → read more

Chain Link Fence

We offer galvanized diamond wire mesh and also PVC coated diamond wire mesh, mainly for fencing use. To manufacture the above products we use, Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, and Aluminum Alloy Wire.... → read more

Hexagonal Gabion

Gabion Baskets, Boxes are structures that are made of Hexagonal Galvanized Steel Wire, PVC Coated, and Aluminum-Zinc coated Double-Twisted wire mesh. Gabion Baskets can be supplied in various lengths, widths and heights.... → read more

Welded Wire Panel

Welded wire panels are manufactured by welding low carbon steel wire or Stainless steel wire. It is also available in Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, PVC Coated and PVC Dipped.... → read more

Barbed Wire

We bring forth the finest range of GI Barbed Wires. These GI Barbed Wires are manufactured using latest technology. We use high quality metals in the production process to add strength.... → read more

Razor Wire Series

Razor wire is used as a defence strategy all arould the world.
Sorts of razor wire:
1. Single loop razor wire
2. Concertina razor wire... → read more

Nails Series

Nails production is divided in to five divisions, that i.e. the wire drawing department, nails making department, nails polishing department, electro galvanizing and packing department.... → read more

Welding Electrode Series

he group established welding electrode factory namely Al Majeed Ibrahim Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Using latest technology, the factory is run by expert management and the products are well establish in the market.... → read more

Animal Feeds

Founded in 2006, NIZAMI BROTHERS (Feed Division) is a pioneer supplier of Quality Feed Additives. Our products have a wide range of applications, including feed production, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.... → read more

Testing Facility

We have advanced testing facilities as well as highly qualified technicians, each process right from the procurement of raw material, ... → read more